Soccer in Quebec

When you look at the vast talent pool on the soccer world stage, it's easy to forget that those players all started somewhere, including right here in Canada. In fact some players believe if it hadn't been for the amazing competitions on offer in Quebec, they wouldn’t be where they are today. So if you’re a young Renaldo in the making, living in Chambly, Lakeshore or Salaberry, the soccer competitions available in Quebec will be a great place to improve your skills.

Different Leagues In Quebec

There are 5 primary A league competitions on offer to players. The most prestigious being the AAA – Division 1 Elite Soccer League. Not just anybody that can kick a ball about the field will be able to play in this highly skilled talent pool. You'll need an amazing fitness level and true dedication to the both your club and the sport before you’ll even be considered being allowed to train with this rank of players, never loan join them on the field in a match.

If you want to play at the highest level available and eventually make your way to the world stage there are a few things you'll need, including great stamina, amazing fitness, along with consistent improvement both on and off the field. Working your way up through the different leagues and showing these traits, if you’re good enough, will eventually see you join the other prestigious players. Here’s the different leagues you’ll need to work through:

  • A Level League
  • AA Level League
  • U21-AAA - Elite Soccer League
  • AAA - Division 2 - Elite Soccer League
  • AAA - Division 1 - Elite Soccer League

Finding A Club

All clubs would love to have an elite team, but the reality is that some clubs are formed with the idea of enjoying the game as a more important aspect than winning. A great selection of clubs are on offer throughout Quebec, you'll find there is a club out there that suits your need, be it winning, socialising or just having fun while keeping fit.

Summer Soccer In Quebec

A huge sport like soccer is played year round in Canada. So if having fun in the sun is for you, join a club. If you'd rather cheer from the sidelines then you can support the regions teams at home games in either the Premier League or Major League Soccer.

Quebec's Home Teams

While trying to improve your own soccer skills it's good practice to watch the best players in your area. Seeing what they do and then trying it yourself later will see your skills vastly improve. You should try and watch your local home teams. Some of these home teams include:

  • Montreal Impact
  • FC Gatineau
  • CS Mont-Royal Outremont

Quebec's Home Stadiums

From friendly exhibition matches, to elite international competitions held at the amazing amount of venues the region has, like the Olympic Stadium in Olympic Park. Here are just a few of the awesome stadiums you’ll find soccer being played:

  • Saputo Stadium
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Terrain Mont Bleu
  • REC Mont-Royal

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